Embarking on a Fresh Journey

SUN Shiyu(Assistant Professor)
May 10, 2024

My name is Sun Shiyu, and since October 2023 I have been an assistant professor at Nichibunken’s Office of Institutional Research, which collects and analyzes information on activities at Nichibunken, and assists in the improvement of organizational management.

In my own research, I specialize in sociology, with a primary focus on family dynamics and gender studies. My work has empirically analyzed how the division of household tasks and childcare in dual-earner families is adjusted as couples experience the birth and growth of their children together. When I was doing research in East Asia, it was always clear to me that the cultural norms of each country had a significant impact on family decision-making. Therefore, I have recently started a research project to examine the issue of child-rearing by foreigners living in Japan, focusing on housing. At Nichibunken, which views Japanese culture from an international perspective, I hope to extend this research to different housing and child-rearing cultures.

Also, from a gender perspective, I am engaged in research on menstruation and menstrual items, topics with connections to folklore and anthropology. I envision that this theme will flourish within the vibrant research environment at Nichibunken.

My sociology-based research will bring a unique hue to Nichibunken's spectrum. While gender issues are strongly criticized in contemporary Japan, the past provides a genderless history. Documenting, collecting data, and listening to people will give us the materials necessary to identify a better direction. I believe that this underlying principle is the same for both my research in the humanities and my role at the Office of Institutional Research.

In the future, I would very much like to connect my research interests with my IR duties and embark on an exciting journey with Nichibunken.

I eagerly anticipate collaborating with all of you.

My 2022 book and an original pouch of the GASP research group, with the view of Nichibunken from my office in the background (photo by the author)