ARAKI Hiroshi, ed.,

Koten no mirai-gaku (Projecting Classicism―The Futurology of Japanese Classics

Bungaku Tsūshin, October 2020.
Koten no mirai-gaku <span>(</span>Projecting Classicism―<span>The Futurology of Japanese Classics</span>)

For study of classics, is the present situation the ultimate crisis or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? Examining from a broad perspective the direction of classical studies and the nature of classicism, this book attempts to present a new model for the study of the classics. This is a stimulating and multifaceted collection of essays by 44 scholars, who explore the interdisciplinary role and international potential that classical studies has for the humanities as a whole in the near future. Who is thinking of what as they proceed toward the future? This book from the frontline of research is full of hints that tell us about, and help expand, the future potential of classical studies. It is dedicated to all those who treasure the company of the classics.
(Translated from Hanmoto Dottokomu website)