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Greetings from the Outskirts of Kyoto vol.39

February 01, 2024

On a previous occasion, I wrote about the sighting of a bear in the vicinity of our research institute. This occurred in the middle of the Corona crisis. At the time, I reasoned as follows.

The incident happened at a time when we were trying to reduce the infection rate. We were calling on staff to avoid coming to the office if possible. Therefore, there were fewer people around at Nichibunken. And that was why bears felt comfortable about coming closer.

However, I learned on 19 December 2023 that a bear was again seen near Nichibunken.

We no longer have an active anti-infection strategy in place, and staff are reporting for work as usual. We have moved on from the situation in which there were not many people around. Nichibunken is no longer deserted.

Nevertheless, a bear. Our research center, it seems, is not that far from where bears roam. As we have once again been reminded.