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Greetings from the Outskirts of Kyoto vol.18

INOUE Shōichi (Director-General)
March 30, 2022

I have a grand-daughter. She will soon be four years old. She recently went with her parents to visit the National Museum of Ethnology. I heard this from my grand-daughter’s mother, that is my daughter.

Unfortunately, it seems that my grand-daughter was frightened by several of the exhibits. Her fear was greatest at the section where masks were on display. This was a museum visit in which she clung to her mother. The museum was nothing but a haunted house for my grand-daughter.


Collections of the National Museum of Ethnology

My daughter gave her encouragement: “This is where granddad’s friends work. There is nothing to be afraid of. You don’t need to cry.”

Indeed, I do have friends at the National Museum of Ethnology. I often encounter Director Yoshida at conferences. We both belong to the National Institutes for the Humanities.

I hope grand-daughter does not misunderstand. What am I to do if she ends up thinking her grandfather is friendly with the ghosts of the haunted house? The thought frightens me.